Never mind, don't guess. I'm being to odd now to be courageous lol

You aren’t being odd. But i won’t guess who you are, either. You can tell me still, but you don’t have to.


The Otherside - NiceBleed
And you were always mad at me.

i can almost guarantee a lot has changed since then.

A few people don't want us talking. But I just wanted to tell you how strong I think you are, I thought it would help.

well fuck them. you can talk to me if you want.

Because I shouldn't be talking with you :((

why not? was i mad at you when we last talked? does someone not want us talking?

Hey, my awesome band finally wrote stuff worthy of sharing. 

So, it’d be really cool if you could show your support and check it out?



i’m desperate…

We used to be friends, and all I'd like to say is that I hope you get through all your mental illness unharmed, and unembarrased. I know how hard it is. You're so strong, I hope you don't forget that:)

thank you. you don’t know how much that truly means to me.

why do you have to be anon though?